Saturday, 27 September 2014

Those lucky b*****ds at The Dive Bus check out the new (AWESOME) GoPro dive filters...

As if life isn't tough enough, living in on a hot, sunny Caribbean island, diving Curacao's stunning coral reefs every day, meeting fun people every day, and sipping a couple of cold ones at the end of every day.

THEN you get asked to shoot some cool underwater videos with the fabulous new dive filters from GoPro

THEN you have to go scuba diving with dolphins.
And freediving with dolphins.

Hitch a ride on the amazing Curacao Sub.

Deep dive on Curacao's awesome wreck (Superior Producer). AND do all of this with some really cool people and organisations.* 

You should try it.

 No, really, you should:

We think you just might.
(Would make an awesome Christmas gift for the diver in your life, don't you think..?)

*Mr Brown, Mr Keifer, you rock. Thanks heaps. Same time next week?


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