Monday, 12 January 2015

A special invitation 10th Birthday invitation for our most important people: you Dive Bus Divers!

10 ways you can join in and / or share
The Dive Bus 10th Birthday Bash celebrations: 

Since the Dive Bus first hit the roads of Curacao, 10 years ago, thousands of you have given us a reason to keep opening the doors every day (ish).

YOU are the reason we're still around, livin' the dream - and celebrating this amazing and never-expected birthday!

That's why we've built a special dive program especially for everyone who's dived with us, got certified with us, recommended us, referred us, worked with us and supported us over these last years.

Not only will it be a fabulous, fun week of diving, you'll be sharing it with other equally awesome, fun divers - just like YOU!- and you're pretty much guaranteed to meet some awesome folks you'll want to meet up and dive with again and again in the future. (We've seen this a LOT over the years - not only with The Dive Bus does Bonaire trips - and it's super cool.)

So here's YOUR invitation to join The Dive Bus Curacao's Returner 10th Birthday Bash Dive Week! (OK it's a bit long, so it's TDBR10thBBDW from here-on-in. Also a bit long but hey, whatever.)

TDBR10thBBDW is a special week-long diving program, filled with favourite dive sites, wonderful like-minded people, with a couple of twists / somethings different, here and there and plenty of cool diving and chillin' out.

We're running these special weeks throughout the year, so there should be some dates that work for you.

For more info, dates and pricing, drop us an email telling us when you dived with us and what you did with us (a PADI dive course or guided dives 'n' Dive Bus trips), your Dive Bus Crew member(s) and a fun photo if you have one (these bits just for our fun!) and we'll get all the info to you right away.

Didn't dive with The Dive Bus yet? 

Don't worry - there are PLENTY more ways you can join in the celebrations, 
keep watching this space....

Got like-minded dive buddies and friends? 
Share the love 'n' share this Blog.
(And help keep The Dive Bus running for another 10 years!)

And because you read this far, here's your reward:
The (almost world famous) and highly ridiculous
Dive Bus is Born video (again)
(which just about sums us up today, still, thankfully :) ) 

And we both still look exactly the same.