Sunday, 11 January 2015

A GREAT excuse to dive and play: The Dive Bus Curacao's 10th Birthday Bash!

If there was ever a time to return to The Dive Bus or visit us for the first time, this is it.

Don't ask us how it happened or where the time went to, but: 

2015 marks the 10th birthday of The Dive Bus, Curacao and YOU're invited to the celebrations!

Hurry, hurry, time's running out:
offers only valid until 30 December 2015!'ll have to hurry, so click here to check out 10 ways you can join in and / or share The Dive Bus 10th Birthday Bash celebrations.

And ohhhhhh yes, there has been cake, and will be more - see for yourself:

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(And help keep The Dive Bus running for another 10 years!)

Hope to dive you again sooooon :)