Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Post a facebook birthday message video, win Dive Bus Curacao goodies!

10 ways you can join in and / or share
The Dive Bus 10th Birthday Bash celebrations: 

(You don't even need to leave your house - or you office - for this one.)

Here's where you get to show off your creativity - and trust us, we've seen some awesome examples of this from our divers over the years.

This is YOUR chance to let your ridiculousness and creativity shine through.

Post (or share) the most fun, original Birthday message video you can come up with, to the Dive Bus facebook page. (If you're not on facebook, email it to us or share via dropbox and we'll post it, so your identity remains secret.)

Each month, your videos will be judged by a jury of your peers. 

The video with the most likes by the cut-off date each month, wins! 

Feel free to cheat by forcing / coercing your friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers to share and like it too. And feel free to keep on submitting it until you win (or people complain.)

What's in it for you...?

Aside from fame and glory, each month's most-liked video wins a SUPER cool item from  The Dive Bus online store, here.

And in addition, each month's winner enjoys the fame and glory of being featured in the almost-world-famous Dive Bus Blog and the already-world-famous-ish Dive Bus facebook page.

(WOW right?)

So get your creative, thinking caps on, because the challenge starts Feb 1 and lasts all year. Keep an eye on facebook or this Blog for more details...

Didn't dive with The Dive Bus yet? 

Don't worry - there are PLENTY more ways you can join in the celebrations, 
keep watching this space....

Got like-minded dive buddies and friends? 
Share the love 'n' share this Blog.
(And help keep The Dive Bus running for another 10 years!)

And because you read this far, here's your reward from
The Dive Bus archives:

The (almost world famous) and highly ridiculous
Dive Bus 4th Birthday Party 
(which just about sums us up today, still, thankfully :) ) 

And we both still look exactly the same.