Friday, 23 October 2015

Need a fix of fun, sun and scuba but can't leave your desk?

We've got just the thing.

The Dive Bus YouTube movie channel
has been overhauled.

So whether you need a fix of beautiful scuba diving, a good laugh at what else goes on in the daily life of a scuba instructor, or want to see what really happens on those Dive Bus does Bonaire trips, you got it.

Check out the new Dive Bus movie channels here:
(You may want to grab popcorn and a coke first.)

Super cool stuff on scuba, Curacao
Day in the life of a Dive Bus, Curacao scuba instructor

Simply beautiful diving, Curacao

 What happens on tour, stays on tour. Sometimes. 

Any excuse to celebrate - and you're invited :o)

 Got jealous friends, family or colleagues?
Show them how easy it is for them to dive toooooooo!

Start diving!

Are you one of the stars of The Dive Bus movies? Feel free to like and share your movies - and make your buddies and colleagues really jealous. (Try it, it's a lot of fun.)

And make sure you never miss the latest Dive Bus movie blockbuster releases, here.

And finally, for short, sweet clips for a quick smile, go here.

Or start planning your next trip to Curacao.