Monday, 17 October 2016

UPDATE: Because diving makes you hungry ...
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... Curacao Restaurant Week is perfect for divers!

And the following week, it's Flavours of Curacao weekend

According to PADI, a typical cold water shore dive can burn 600 calories per hour. Which is about the same as jogging, but a lot less sweaty.

Warm-water dives burn, on average 300 calories per hour, the equivalent to a brisk walk - and somewhat less sweaty. (To burn more, make it into a colder water dive - don't wear a wetsuit...)

So it's no wonder that most folks are hungry after diving.

Which is why you might be happy to learn about this year's Curacao Restaurant Week, when the entire island focuses on FOOOOOOOD and plenty of it!

A record number of 48 restaurants are participating in this 12th edition of Curacao Restaurant Week, offering special three-course dinners for a little over $30!

Whilst some restaurants are offering your favourite culinary classics, others are going for a slightly different approach with bizarre dishes such as gorgonzola parfait, shrimp sandwiches, Curacao-style cheese fondue, zucchini spaghetti, fried clams, nutella pizza, pumpkin couscous and slow-cooked pickled rib-eye....

And if that's not enough, it's Flavours of Curacao the following weekend.

The 2nd edition of this awesome outdoor food festival is a great way to try out and lurve a wide array of dishes from participating restaurants. They'll be preparing smaller versions of their signature dishes, so you can try as many dishes as you like / can squeeeeeze in... (Just do more diving ;) )

New to this year's Flavours of Curacao weekend is a special feature on lionfish, our unwelcome, uninvited ocean predators. Prepared in all sorts of tasty, unusual ways, as well as good ol' Curacao style: deep fried, head 'n' all.

And some of lionfish will have been be freshly caught and cleaned by none other than The Dive Bus's lionfish slayer extraordinaire, Zoe. (She may look nice and gentle, but you should see her when she's hunting!)

Zoe will be part of the Lionfish Hunters A Team, all volunteer dive professionals from Curacao's leading dive operators, to collect 'food stock'. So wish them all happy hunting...

And if you'd prefer a romantic meal for 2 without the kids, there's a special offer running from Kidwatchers Curacao babysitting service - contact them here.

For more info:
  • Curacao Restaurant Week website here (sorry, it's in Dutch only for some strange reason) and their facebook page here (also in Dutch but at least there's a 'translate' button...)
  •  Flavours of Curacao website here.
  • And for fun ways to work off the calories before they take up permanent residency, check out your dive workout options with us at The Dive Bus (any excuse, right?)

    Can't make it for Curacao's food festivals
    this year? 

    Put it in your schedule for the same time next year,
    and we'll see you then instead :)

    In the meantime: eet smakelijk ;)

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