Sunday, 7 July 2019

Are YOUR favourite dive centers and destinations nominated in the DIVE Magazine Travel Awards..?

If Curacao and / or The Dive Bus are among your favourites, the answer is: YES!

(And if you nominated either or both, a massive thank you!)

DIVE magazine is the world's leading scuba magazine, and their annual DIVE Magazine Travel Awards is one of the world's largest online scuba travel polls.

Hugely popular, the annual DIVE Magazine Travel Awards give divers like you the opportunity to nominate and vote for your favourite scuba diving destinations, dive centres /resorts and liveaboards, world-wide.

In last year's Awards, both Curacao and The Dive Bus finished 15th (ish) out of gazillions (ish) of destinations and dive centers around the world, thanks to you, our awesome divers.

In this year's Awards, divers nominated 78 dive destinations, 470 dive centers / resorts and 215 liveaboards from around the world. And, thanks to you:

Curacao as a dive destination and
The Dive Bus as a dive center /resort
are through to the final 25 -
for the 2nd year running

Casting YOUR vote in the DIVE Travel Awards makes a difference, takes minutes - and puts you in the running to win a free subscription to the digital issue of DIVE Magazine. 

And if YOUR favourite dive center or dive destination is in the final 25, you can be sure they'll appreciate your vote and support. (Well, if it's a vote for Curacao and or The Dive Bus, we will, for sure!)

So when you have a spare minute... here to cast your vote
for your favourite 3 dive destinations and dive centers

The winning dive centers and dive destinations will be announced this November at DEMA in Orlando, Florida. And, after the success of The Dive Bus DEMA Debut last year, on "The Dive Bus International Chilled Out Tour *", we'll be there for the final results....
*Fun tales from The Dive Bus Seriously Fun Chilled Out Tour, including the DEMA Debut,
coming whenever we can find a spare minute to write them!

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