Monday, 3 September 2018

New, fun sustainability initiatives launch in time for AWARE Week 2018

Fun, simple ways to protect our ocean planet at The Dive Bus, Curacao:

AWARE Week: 15 - 23 Sept 2018

Project AWARE has teamed up with long-time partner PADI and dive professionals around the world for the first ever AWARE Week.

From 15 - 23 September 2018, Project AWARE and PADI dive centers - including The Dive Bus, Curacao - are organizing ocean conservation activities and actions to encourage and enable more divers to take care of our underwater world.

Specific areas of focus include tackling ocean pollution and creating awareness for vulnerable shark and ray species, by empowering local communities to take positive actions for the protection of fragile aquatic environments, fins on and fins off.

While these issues are extremely important - such as banning shark finning -  we do our best to make raising awareness of them and tackling them, a whole lot of fun and, therefore, more 'front of mind' (hopefully!):

Curacao Clean Up 2018

Curacao's community is playing its part with the annual, island-wide Curacao Clean Up event, bringing people and communities together, across the whole island.

To date, this initiative led to more than 1 million kgs / 2.2 million lbs of trash being removed for proper disposal. That's equivalent to the weight of 6 Boeing 747s ...

We'll be joining in with a Dive Bus Clean Up dive  – you're welcome to join in or find events happening near you, here (scroll down the events page and you may spot someone you recognize … and here, too!)

The new Dive Bus Sustainability Policy

The Dive Bus Eco Policy was one of the highest visited pages on our website. Built back in 2005 with help from Project AWARE, it's been the heart of the dive center from the very beginning.

Long overdue for an update, the policy formerly known as The Dive Bus Eco Policy has been completed overhauled into The Dive Bus Sustainability Policy.

The original Dive Bus Eco Policy focused mostly on fixing what had already impacted. The new Dive Bus Sustainability Policy focuses on simple, easy and fun ways, to prevent or minimize impact in the first place.
“Since The Dive Bus first opened its door, thousands of divers have helped clean up Curacao's reefs on hundreds of Clean Ups," says Dive Bus Mark, a PADI Ambassadiver.

“The cool thing is not only how many of our divers are more than happy to help out, but how many choose to dive with us because of our commitments to taking care of the ocean.”
"But," adds Suzy, one of The Dive Bus Women of Conservation, "cleaning up trash from our beaches and oceans only fixes part of the problem. The other part is preventing trash getting there in the first place. The new Sustainability Policy includes a bunch of solutions to help address that, through education, awareness and fun, simple actions."

NEW PADI AWARE Advanced Open Water course:
only available at The Dive Bus, Curacao

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, it’s a sad fact that divers can contribute to reef damage. Usually accidentally or unknowingly, it’s still damage that an ‘Oh crap!’ can’t fix.

But the brand new Dive Bus PADI AWARE Advanced Open Water course can.

Tailored for divers with ocean protection at their heart, this special  Dive Bus version of the PADI Advanced Open Water course has been enthusiastically supported by our buddies at Project AWARE and PADI, calling it:
"An amazing initiative!"

The Dive Bus PADI AWARE Advanced Open Water course also includes a Dive Against Debris Specialty dive, giving you an optional "double-whammy" certification, to get you on your way to your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

To launch this exciting new course, we're giving away a FREE reusable stainless steel straw, courtesy of the good folks at 4Ocean to our PADI AWARE Advanced Open Water course graduates.

Want one for yourself? Hurry before they're gone..! 

Enjoy AWARE Week 2018 wherever you spend it,
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