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The 2019 Curacao International Dive Festival: why you won't want to miss it ...

The Curacao International Dive Festival
29 September - 5 October 2019

If you’ve been waiting for the right time and/ or the right reason to make your first trip to Curacao OR return for a(nother) awesome dive vacation? 

The Curacao International Dive Festival may be just what you’ve been waiting for. 

Because it’s going to be GREAT!

According to Bryan Horne of Dive Curacao, the man behind the Curacao International Dive Festival, the objective of the week-long event is to put Curacao on every diver’s must-dive list – and keep it there.
“Curacao is truly an amazing dive vacation destination, but it’s been a well-kept secret for way too long. The Curacao International Dive Festival will showcase Curacao as an amazing dive vacation destination to the international dive community.”

An impressive and ever-increasing number of major international dive and ocean protection organizations, across the USA, Canada and Europe, have thrown their full support behind the Dive Festival, including Dive Bus buddies from PADI and Project AWARE.

Joining them is an impressive and ever-increasing number of Curacao businesses - ocean-related organizations, dive centers, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and many others - offering special Programs, activities, Packages and offers specifically for the Curacao Dive Festival.

Including The Dive Bus šŸ˜Š:
"The whole Dive Bus Crew is really excited about Curacao Dive Festival", says Mark. "We're working on a bunch of ideas to make the Festival as fun and memorable as possible for our divers. It's going to be great, we're all really looking forward to it!"

Here’s what’s currently in the works at The Dive Bus for the Curacao Dive Festival:
  • a seriously fun Dive Program for the week, built around cool Festival events and activities so you don’t miss out on anything
  • great Dive Bus Curacao Dive Festival Packages and Specials, including NEW, hot off the press DRIVE, DIVE + STAY Packages
  • with ocean protection initiatives "built-in" (because that's how we roll everyday)
Watch this space and our social media channels for more info coming soon... But if you can't wait and want to get going on your Curacao vacation planning right now? Get in touch!

    How to "Dive Right In"to find out more about the 2019 Curacao International Dive Festival:
    1. Check out the Festival website
    2. Check out the latest version of the events schedule (more being added all the time, so keep checking it).

    3. Add these dates to your calendars:
    Sunday 29 September – Saturday 5 October, 2019

    4. Start being really nice to your boss.

    5. Start looking for flight deals.

    6. Submit your vacation dates request to your boss. You may want to include the fact that, by approving your vacation request, they're enabling you to contribute to, participate in and support vital ocean protection initiatives.

    (Which makes them a hero, too - right? It's worth a try at least, but you may want to leave out the part about it being a lot of fun...)

    7. Repeat points 4 to 6 above until your boss submits to your request.

    8. Thank your boss profusely to keep them happy for your next Curacao dive vacation request...

    9. Register for the Curacao Dive Festival asap to claim your VERY cool, limited availability Sustainable Gift Package (worth $70!), courtesy of Stream2Sea, Caribbean Organic Beauty, Flavors of CuraƧao, Lionfish Caribbean and Plastic Free CuraƧao:
    10. Share this post with your dive buddies and your favourite dive shops so they can join in too and tell more divers (because the more, the merrier!) And keep watching this space and The Dive Bus social media channels for more info...
    (If your dive buddies need more convincing about what's so great about diving Curacao, check out what Bryan had to say in his Toronto Caribbean News radio interview during  The Dive Bus “Seriously Fun” Chilled Out Tour"* and their recent article.)

    *Watch this space for more about our fun debut at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show on The Dive Bus "Seriously Fun” Chilled Out Tour.
    (The show was so great, we’re heading back for next year's show, too!)

    More about the Curacao International Dive Festival coming soon, so watch this space as well as the Dive Bus social media channels:

    Ready to get going on your Curacao dive vacation planning?
    Drop us an email and let's get this party started ...


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