Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Major airlines offering additional flights and seats to Curacao!

With non-stop flights from 17 cities,
it's easier than ever to dive into Curacao on your next vacation.

According to DIVE magazine, Curacao is the hot Caribbean dive and vacation destination, all year round. 


And the great news is that more airlines are offering more seats on more flights to our awesome Caribbean island. 


With year round average air temperatures of around 82F / 28C, and ocean temperatures averaging a balmy 80F / 27C, if you're looking to warm up and chill out, get yourself on a flight to Curacao.


According to Bryan Horne, founder of Dive Curacao:

"Although Curacao is surrounded by more than 40 square miles of some of the best coral reefs in the Caribbean, the island has remained relatively 'off radar' for divers. But that's changing a lot. And quickly.

Curacao's healthy coral reefs, the vast variety of marine life and an ever widening choice of places to stay, eat, discover and do, are attracting increasingly more human visitors to our Caribbean island, too."

With non-stop flights from 17 cities, maybe now's a great time to start planning your (next) Curacao dive vacation, too...

Now's most defniitely a great time to be in Curacao if you live anywhere even vaguely near Toronto or Montreal, and prefer warmth, sunshine and diving to negative air temperatures and snow-shoveling. (Ask one of the 21,000 Canadians who visited Curacao last year if you don't believe us.)

There are 566 seats a week ready and waiting to carry you and your dive buddies away from cold, cold Canada to toasty-warm Curacao...


Speaking of Winter and Spring getaways to the Caribbean sun, American Airlines have 2 flights per week out of Charlotte, NC. and 3 daily flights out of Miami, FL.

You could be here in less than 3 hours: that's less time than it takes to order and eat dinner at a Curacao beach-side restaurant...

Jet Blue has four daily flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Curaçao’s Hato International Airport. 

So you can breakfast at home and Happy Hour on the beach well before sunset. 

It's rude not to, really.


With 11 flights from Bogota, Columbia to Curacao every week, and 150 seats per flight, Curacao dive vacations are super-easy for divers from Latin American countries including Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina, to name just a few...

The only direct, year-round escape route from Europe to Curacao is via Amsterdam, in the tropical Kingdom of the Netherlands (or Holland as some of us call it, even though that's incorrect - who knew!

At just over 10 hours, it's quite a flight - but last year, more than 177,000 people figured it was worth it.

Top Tips:
1. According to google, you can fly non-stop to Curacao from 10 MORE cities around the world.

2. If your budget is a bigger constraint than your time, check out flights to these nearby locations and "puddle jump" to Curacao:
3. If you have the option, it's well worth flying in and out of St Martin to experience the amazing / terrifying / thrilling take-off and landing of your life (so far) ...


    (With personal experience of being on that plane and that beach, we can tell you it's a hell of a lot more quiet on the plane!)

    What’s so great about Curacao:

    According to Travel Agent Central, Curacao is a popular destination for Millennials and other savvy Caribbean travelers, looking for amazing travel experiences and something a bit off-the-beaten path.

    It's also one of the most LGBT-welcoming islands in the region - find out for yourself at this year's Curacao Pride event:
    Curacao has a huge range of accommodation, food and drink choices to suit all budgets and tastes, fascinating history (especially if you love Pirates - and which diver doesn't?), stunning architecture, beautiful beaches, tons of fun activities and experiences - and plenty more cool things. All in incredible year-round climate. 

    (AND it's a unique shore diving haven, one of the top diving destinations in the world. Just so you know,)


    And here's your invitation from the Curacao Tourist Board:

    You're going to love it.
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