Thursday, 14 February 2019

8 reasons to share the love in Curacao

Just some of the reasons why
Valentines Day is better in Curacao

1. It won't be cold and raining
So your romantic day, evening or both won't get washed out.

And if it does rain, it won't be cold and will be over in less than 10 minutes (ish), like it never happened.  

2. It's cheaper than you might think
According to this Huffington Post survey, Curacao is one of the most affordable getaways in the Caribbean...

3. There are HEAPS of culinary delights to experience - affordably
Enjoy CuraƧao's huge range culinary delights with the brand new Curacao Dine Around Plan. Click below to find out how you can enjoy romantic 3 course meals and great service on your Curacao Valentines vacation:

4. Choose from a HUGE range of accommodations
Curacao offers accommodations for every budget. Check out the quality accommodations, committed to safety, quality and eco standards through CHATA, here.

Our current pick is Avila Beach Hotel, just down the road from The Dive Bus They're committed to sustainability like us, and have an all-inclusive option...

5. Check out heaps of awesome beaches
Many of Curacao's beaches are quite different to what you might expect on a Caribbean island. Like the lovely Pierbaai Beach at Marie Pampoen, right across the road from The Dive Bus, and the access to our gorgeous house reef.

6. There's heaps of evening entertainment

Eat, drink, party, relax ... it's your choice, and there's plenty of it.

Chill's a great place for romantic sun-downers and pretty good food overlooking the ocean, and  one of The Dive Bus Crew's favourites.

2 top tips for wherever you go for dinner:
  • make a reservation
  • go before you're hungry (think "island time")

7. There's heaps to do in the daytime, too
There's plenty of things to do and discover together. Like discovering the island's rich and fascinating history, sailing, climbing, parasailing, wake-boarding, walking, cycling, exploring, surfing, shopping, scuba diving ... or just relaxing on the beach.

8. The scuba diving is world class ... 

As divers already know, diving's a great way to meet and make new friends. Some of us are even lucky enough to meet their true-love through diving, too. Which makes a Curacao dive vacation a great way to celebrate Valentines Day for at least a week...

The new Dive Bus DRIVE and DIVE Packages are a great, fun way for you and your favourite buddy to discover and explore some of Curacao's best shore dive sites,  on your own Curacao adventures.

How romantic is that!

All in all, some pretty good reasons to celebrate Valentines Day in Curacao for a week or 2 - wouldn't you say?

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