Wednesday, 4 October 2017

It's time to start planning your Christmas and New Year at The Dive Bus, Curacao, ho ho ho!

Planning on spending your Christmas Holidays diving in sunny Curacao?

Smart decision!

Knowing how organised you divers are, we're posting
The Dive Bus's Christmas / New Years 2017 schedule good and early.

We fill up WELL in advance, so get in touch soon to reserve your dates and dive activities -  ho, ho, ho!

The Dive Bus Curacao Opening Days / Hours
Christmas and New Years 2017 /18:

Sunday 24 December 2017:
• AM: Open usual time for pre-booked guided dives + PADI dive courses
• PM: Closed, no afternoon activities

Monday 25 December 2017:

Tuesday 26 December 2017:
• Later start: 9.45am check in, until usual time(4.30pm-ish)

Wednesday 27 - Friday 30 December
• Regular hours: 8:30am check in, until usual time (4.30pm-ish)

Saturday 31 December:
• AM: Open usual time for pre-booked guided dives + PADI dive courses
• M: Closed, no afternoon activities

Sunday 1 January: CLOSED – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday 2 January:
• Later start: 9.45am check in, until usual time (4.30pm-ish)

Tuesday 3 January onwards
• Back to 'normal for The Dive Bus'

A little something to get you in the festive mood:    Contact us

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Curaçao Pride 2017: time to dive AND party!

If you dream of a Caribbean island.

Sipping a cocktail, under gently swaying palm trees, on the beach.

Watching the blue, blue ocean.

Enjoying amazing DJ's playing awesome tunes.

Dancing with fun, beautiful people...

...then it's time you checked out Curaçao Pride 2017.
Click for more info

The philosophy on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao is very much "Live and Let Live" - just one of the many reasons why Curacao is so well-known in the LGBT community as a popular, gay-friendly destination.

This year marks the fifth edition of Curaçao Pride, a 4 day event filled with plenty of parties and activities, and generally having a blast. It's the perfect time for you to discover Curacao, if you haven't already - or come back and do it all over again!
If you've never dived before,
you've GOT to try this...

As if there aren't enough activities to keep you happily busy during Curacao Pride, you might want to find some time to discover and enjoy the 'other' Curacao: underwater.

One of the top shore-diving destinations in the world, you can dive the best dive sites right from Curacao's beaches - no bouncy dive boats required and no experience necessary.

The Dive Bus is Curacao's top rated dive operator on Trip Advisor, where everyone is welcome.

If you're a certified diver,
discover the best of
underwater Curacao, too...

Whether you're an experienced diver or you've never, ever tried it, all of us on The Dive Bus Crew can't wait to show you the amazing sights of Curacao that most people never get to discover... In small, friendly, relaxed and – most importantly – FUN groups.

You're going to love it. 

You can even have your Curacao dive adventures captured forever in your own personal, professional and very cool, underwater video, guaranteed to make your friends super-jealous (or bring them along too!) like this one : info:
  • Check out for more info about the Curacao Pride event that you won't want to miss.

  •  Check out, and, focusing exclusively on information for the LGBT community, helping Curacao remain one of the most welcoming destinations in the Caribbean.
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Saturday, 24 June 2017

PADI Womens Dive Day, Curacao: time to get wet, ladies!

If you think scuba diving is all about the guys?
You’re wrong.

Celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day
at The Dive Bus, Curacao,
15 + 16 July 2017
and find out for yourself!

For the past two years, divers around the world have come together on PADI Women’s Dive Day, connected by their love of the ocean and passion for diving – or discovering it for the very first time.

Join in the fun on this year's PADI Women’s Dive Day, 15 July, when PADI dive centers around the world – including The Dive Bus, in sunny Curacao - are focusing exclusively on the ladies, for a day of fun, discovery, adventure and camaraderie.

Scuba diving is about community and a great way to meet new people and share experiences with friends or family. Whether you're a seasoned diver, it’s been a while since you last dived or you’ve just been waiting for the right time to try it out, PADI Women's Dive Day 2017 is your day.

what’s going on for the ladies on PADI Women's Dive Day 2017 at The Dive Bus, Curacao - and you're invited!

1. PADI Discover Scuba Dive

More info
Never tried diving before or been a while? Sign up for this fun scuba diving experience - usually $110, this amazing experience is only $50 for PADI Womens Dive Day 2017!

Just 4 slots available per class - we keep our groups nice and small, for a friendly, fun and more personal experience for you.  

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July
8.30am – 12.30pm
 This could be you! 

2. Beautiful, relaxed 1 tank guided dive Already a certified diver? Join in this fun 1 tank guided dive on our stunning house reef (Pierbaai) 

Usually $84, this beautiful, relaxing dive is only $50 for PADI Womens Dive Day 2017 - including excellent rental dive equipment!

Just 6 slots available per group - we keep our groups nice and small, for a friendly, fun and more personal experience for you.

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July
1.30pm – 3.30pm
 This could be you! 

Whichever option you choose:
  • You’ll be well taken care of by our Dive Bus PADI professional Instructors, there to ensure that you relax, enjoy – and have fun!
  • Toast your cool dive experience and your new dive buddies over a glass of cold bubbles, once you’re done divin’
  • Enjoy, share and show off your photos of your Dive Bus PADI Womens Day dive adventues to your family and friends on The Dive Bus facebook page, using  #PADIWOMEN
  • Share this Blog post and get your girlfriends involved too!

Note: To avoid disappointment, please note that these are artist impressions only
and bear no resemblance to actual Dive Bus instructors. Unfortunately.

Hope to be getting YOU wet on PADI Womens Day 2017
at The Dive Bus, Curacao!

In the meantime, keep an eye on The Dive Bus facebook and instagram for photos of cool dive chicks havin' fun, fun, fun :)

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Monday, 19 June 2017

The Dive Bus, Curacao fleet expands!

More spaces for more divers =

more choice +

more fun for YOU and your buddies!

The Dive Bus started back in 2005 as Curacao's first and only dive operation to focus on quality, comfortable, friendly and fun shore diving, in small, friendly FUN groups, no crowds or ‘cattle boats’, guaranteed.

12 years later, that's still how we're rollin'.

now we've got more space to take out more divers to more places, with the addition of the new BIG Dive Bus and the Dive Bus truck to the Dive Bus Fleet! 

Perfect for private shore diving charters, dive groups, friends, families, single divers - take a look:

The Dive Bus:

The new BIG Dive Bus:

The Dive Bus Truck
Video coming soon on:

Tell your dive buddies and favourite dive shop back home and spread the good news:

  • Dive Groups: 10 or more divers
  • Private charters: for as many divers as you want - or as few.
    It's your charter, just tell us what you're looking for...

For more info, pricing and availability:

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