Friday, 24 January 2014

Mark's dive buddy, Jeff Corwin's Ocean Mysteries, Curaçao airs tomorrow, 25 January, on a tv near YOU!

Remember a while ago, Jeff Corwin got to dive with The Dive Bus's very own Marky-Mark, during his time-out from shooting an episode of his tv show, Ocean Mysteries? (View the Dive Bus Blog post here)

Make sure you're near a tv this Saturday, 25 January, when the show airs! Nope, Mark isn't actually in the show, but there should be some cool footage from underwater Curacao for sure - more details below:


Jeff Corwin – Ocean Mysteries - Willemstad

Wildlife biologist, conservationist and Emmy Award-winner Jeff Corwin brings his ABC program Ocean Mysteries to Curaçao.  

This Saturday, January 25, at 10:30am EST, on ABC, Jeff Corwin will be showing how Curaçao is working towards the restoration of coral reef.

Ocean Mysteries is one of the top-rated wildlife and nature series on television today, consistently scoring the highest ratings during its Saturday morning time block and on average reaching more than two million viewers each week.

During the transmission, Jeff Corwin works with researchers from SECORE and Georgia Aquarium to witness a rare coral spawning event and collect samples to propagate future generations of coral and ultimately help save the species.  

Jeff also boards “Substation Curaçao”, a man submersible vehicle, to reach a depth of 2,000 feet in an underwater adventure not to be missed. 

To say Mark was thrilled at the opportunity to dive one of the guys most high up on his 'Whose-job-I'd-like to have if I didn't own The Dive Bus list', was a little bit of an understatement...

Are you a tv celeb looking for an amazing, entertaining and educational underwater experience on Curacao's stunning coral reefs? Mark-Dive-Bus is your man! 

(Regular folks also most welcome, as long as you're a little bit nuts ;o)  )