Friday, 14 March 2014

March madness ! / Why we're playing hard to get

If you've been wondering why 'those Dive Bus folks' have been playing somewhat hard to get lately - pretty quiet on the Bloggage front, photos, email and reservation requests, and general updates as to what the heck's been going on and coming up - it's nothing personal, we promise.

Ever since we returned from DEMA Orlando last November, it's been super-nuts-crazy-busy. And March is already a record-breaking month in terms of returning divers - brilliant! Check out our facebook page to see if you're on there or if you recognise anyone...

One of the reasons is because of the amazing Curacao vacation deals out there (here for examples) and there's another one going live any minute, which includes.... drum-roll.... a free day of diving with The Dive Bus!


Watch this space for more info coming  really soon.

Just some of our fun Returners - this lot are particularly nuts fun!