Friday, 20 March 2015

Lose weight: FREE PADI dive course at The Dive Bus, Curacao!

Yes, free. 

And lose weight. 
(Quite probably.)

Hurry, hurry, time's running out:
offer only valid until 30 December 2015!

If you're like many of our divers:

> you don't want to 'waste time' taking PADI dive courses on your dive vacation.
Even if it means you'll get more out of
 every dive you make - during and after the course?

> and you might think you need to be an 'advanced' diver before taking your PADI Advanced Open Water course. 
Absolutely not the case.

In fact, the PADI AOW course is basically Part 2 of the PADI Open Water course. The fun part, where you get to discover more about what you can do and see on your dives (rather than how to dive - you already did that.)

> and you probably don't want to spend precious vacation time studying.  
But what if you didn't have to?

> but you'd probably really appreciate having a PADI dive instructor giving you tips and tricks to make your tank last longer, improve your dive confidence and probably lose some of that lead.
Especially if it's FREE - right?

So you'll probably be interested to find out how you and your buddy can get the most out of your next dive vacation here in sunny Curacao - and every one afterwards?

Here's how:

When you and your buddy sign up to your PADI Advanced Open Water eLearning course with The Dive Bus, you'll get your PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course FREE!

That's 12 PADI training dives 
for the price of 10 
2 PADI certifications 
for the price of 1.

And you'll learn about the cool things you can see and do whilst diving, gain confidence, improve your dive skills, and make your tank last longer.

Simply: you'll get more out of EVERY dive.

And because you cover your learning back home via the PADI eLearning system, you'll spend more of your precious vacation time DIVING not studying. (Smart, eh?)

Here's how it works:

Step 1: 
Instead of spending your precious vacation time studying, take your PADI Advanced Open Water course online, back home, at your convenience, via the PADI eLearning Program.

Step 2: 
Once you're here in sunny Curacao, The Dive Bus Crew will take you on 5 fun PADI Adventure dives:
  1. 'Get Wrecked' - Wreck dive
  2. 'Meet the locals' - Naturalist dive
  3. 'Dive right' - Peak Performance dive
  4. 'Stop getting lost' - Navigation dive
  5. 'Get down' - Deep dive
Step 3:
Be pleasantly surprised by how much your diving and confidence improves during these fun training dives. 

Step 4:
Prepare to be amazed how much your confidence and dive skills improve on your FREE additional PADI Peak Performance dive, making you into a PADI PPB Specialty diver.

For more info, check out:

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